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6 Questions for Steve Feltham

Steve Feltham

Have you ever been fascinated by a subject since you were a kid? One that would become a lifelong passion and pursuit? Steve Feltham has spent the last 23 years as a full-time monster hunter, living on the shores of Loch Ness in search of the legendary Nessie. I am excited to have Steve launch my 6 Questions for series, where I interview Continue Reading

A Survival Guide For Life

Survival Guide For Life

What does it take to survive in the wild? Can these lessons be applied to find success in your life? Yes, without a doubt. Just ask renowned adventurer Bear Grylls. In case you don't know Bear, here is a snapshot: Eighteen months after breaking his back in a free-fall parachuting accident, he was one of the youngest climbers to reach Mt. Continue Reading

Life by the Cup

life by the cup

What would you do if you were broke and a single mom at twenty-four? This was the reality Zhena Muzyka found herself in. Even worse, her son, Sage, was born with a life threatening kidney defect which required surgery and ongoing care. Begging God for help, an odd response came to her in the form of two mismatched words, "Gypsy"and then Continue Reading